Telephone Engineer Covering Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. Ex BT Openreach Engineer Home & Business Telephone & Broadband Service.

Welcome To Home & Business Telecom Service, Ex BT Telephone Engineer covering Rickmansworth, Herts. Home & Business Telecom Services specialise in residential and business telephone & broadband line installation & repairs, problem solving. Home Telecom Service are a Telephone Line repair and install service. Telephone Engineer assisting you with everything from broadband faults, Socket replacements, new line installation, extensions. Qualified Ex-BT Engineer with over 30 years experience in the telecoms industry. Telephone Engineer Reviews.

Telephone Engineer Services Rickmansworth.

  • Telephone extensions

  • Lines proved for internal or external faults.

  • Broadband Faults.

  • Internal & external bells supplied & fitted.

  • Data cat 6 network cabling.

  • New telephone line installation.

  • Underground cable fitted from house to annexe / workshop.

  • Underground cut telephone cable repair on your property. 

  • BT and cable lines / Business telephone systems.

  • Professional service.

  • Repairs for internal telephone faults  / broadband faults.

  • Quick response. weekend & evenings.


  •  Ex BT Engineer covering Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire Area.

Contact Rickmansworth Telephone Engineer, Ex BT. Telephone: 07934 231000 / Email Below

telephone engineer rickmansworth

Our Charges Are A Fraction Of BT & NO VAT.   See Link Below.

Do you have a noisy crackly line or no dial tone ?, but BT or your line provider says there is nothing wrong with your line, we can diagnose which side of the network the problem exists  ( your internal system / BT network / your service providers wiring ) we can then prove / repair on any type of fault. Problems with broadband ? - we can solve internal telephone and broadband wiring problems including dropped connections and poor broadband line speed investigated.

Home Telephone Engineer Services, Ex BT. Contact Lance: 07934 231000